Friday, November 26, 2010

Sabah BN thanks DAP for Batu Sapi win

Sabah DAP came in for some unusual praise from the state government at the on-going State Legislative Assembly sitting here following the Barisan Nasional's victory in the recent Batu Sapi parliamentary by-election.

Sekong Assemblyman Samsudin Yayah commended DAP for indirectly helping the government defeat the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) candidate, Yong Teck Lee, by drawing away opposition votes from him.

They "hantam SAPP dari belakang (hit SAPP from behind). It made it easy for BN… (there was) no need to go campaigning. Congratulations to DAP," he said to laughter in the House.

The snide remark aimed at DAP's Sri Tanjung Assemblyman, Jimmy Wong, prompted him to stand up and demand that Samsudin retract the words "hantam SAPP dari belakang" calling them "sensitive".

However, Samsudin refused, explaining that what he meant was that the DAP had stabbed SAPP in the back during the by-election won by BN's Linda Tsen.



  1. "Samsudin, meanwhile, challenged Yong Teck Lee, who is also SAPP president, to contest in Sekong which is one of the state constituencies in the Batu Sapi parliamentary areas in Sandakan in the next general election."
    Yang Busuk Samsu-su-din yahya, please look at the mirror yourself who is a typical Philipino born in Southern philipine, migrated to Sandakan to work as a Taxi Driver and how can you qualify to become Sabah YB as well as Sabah pribumi to come here to steal, rob and cheat the Sabahans especially the Sabah natives.

    Sabahans must dare to stand up against such Yang Buruk Samsu-su-din Yayha who is a Illegal Immigrant by obtaining his dubious IC through back door.

    He merely act like a clown, bring SHAME to our state assembly and contribute NOTHING to Sabah development EXCEPT rob and rob the poor Sabahans, sigh!

    In the coming GE13, Sabahans must stay united to kick such Illegal Immigrant YB Samsu-su-din Yahya out from Sabah.

  2. Typical UMNO "kaki" a virus spread to Sabah as well...back off!

  3. how to kick the fella out..he got 5,000 PTIs with mykads to vote him in.

  4. aiya~~~~ YTL if lose lose la....tambirang lagi....mcam kambing trying to be babi....LOL!

  5. Anonymous said...
    aiya~~~~ YTL if lose lose la....tambirang lagi....mcam kambing trying to be babi....LOL!
    Tidak mustahil kamu adalah seorang Pilak yang sudah dapat IC dari belakang jadi pribumi Sabah kot.

    Tidak mustahil kamu sanggup gadai ibu, bini, kakak dan anak kamu untuk assssno sebab duit haram. Tak berdosa ke?

    Ini slang ko. Saya mau "nasi sampul" ... wakakaka

  6. who's Samsudin,never heard before.....??

  7. Samsudin was a taxi driver before being elected a YB pendatang.

  8. Then,who allow this happened,YB must ve Qualification,social status,Profession...etc!there shou b a terrible mistake........!

  9. Janjalani Abu Sayyap SandakanNovember 27, 2010 at 1:25 PM

    Kamu tidak tahukah sejarah dan latar belakang Adun Sekong Datuk Samsu..din itu? Dulu...dia driver teksi baahhh dari airport ke bandar Sandakan..bukan tahu adat resam kita disini sebab dia org pilak. Dulu dia sakap..ainah! IC ku meninggal di luma baah! Bila Umno datang...naaah hidup lah dia bersama bossnya Bung! Heerrrraannn..! bin ajaib? mahu cabar Yong seorang Peguam dan anak watan Sabah? boleh...saja! tapi jangan main tipu guna PTI! Tengok tu?...mahu pertikaikan lagi peranan dan jawatan Timbalan Speaker Datuk Frankie Chong!...kalaulah betul2 dia tahu tu Perlembagaan Sabah...takkan lah dia pertikaikan? Wai..nah Samsu..ugusna kau baah!!Bulas ni apu mu!

  10. From feed back many malaysian specially chinese in Sabah could not understand if YTL is considered a competent good leader how come he won so little votes even from chinese voters????

    Opinion is as past CM and a party president should not have won so little votes and support if he is so convincing!!!Blurrrrrr bah.....

    Better analyse what went wrong somewhere....

  11. Let us analyse it from the mathematical point of view...first only one-third of the chinese voters came out to vote. Most of them did not come out because of some 'commitment'

    for the one-third who voted, most of them were provided with free transport, and pocket money....and the rest you know lah

  12. GRE13 coming soon or not will never be a matter but following important opinion must be considered for future of SAPP and Sabah as whole.
    Hearsay BN wish Zaid either join any other party or return to BN any componenet party as he may like to.But many among BN tactically hope he will form a new third force even much better to bring SAPP joining the new force.Why?
    Yong and SAPP should think carefully and never step into another 'trap' again by BN or even PR because once they join force is not likely going to get better strength and impression than facing BN or PR alone as local party for Sabah and sabahan.With Zaid's new force will provide excuse for PR specially PKR and DAP to destroy SAPP totally just like USNO or AKAR or BERJAYA before.
    It is of opinion SAPP and Yong really must stick to party's principle fight to end even stand alone in coming GRE13.By then whatever at least eventual consequent will make a judgement to know how well sabahan wanting to protect their own right.
    So be wise and never fall into the trap again!

    Sabahan from Abroad


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