Friday, December 3, 2010

'Borneonisation' does not equal anti-KL, says MP Chua

By Queville To

KOTA KINABALU: The long-overdue Borneonisation of public services in Sabah should not be read as anti-federal feelings, a member of Parliament from Sabah cautioned.

Sabahans, Tawau MP Chua Boon Bui said, were merely fighting for their right under the 20-Point Agreement.

Explaining the numerous calls to speed up the take over of federal departments by locals, Chua said: “We are only asking what is rightfully ours.”

"It (Borneonisation of the public services) is a legitimate and long overdue issue that should not be buried among the other major issues such as illegal immigration, poverty, security and crimes."
Chua, who is also SAPP vice-president, said she would continue to monitor the progress of Borneonisation and demand that Sabah be given a fair and just participation in the federal administration with more Sabahans heading the departments and agencies.

“It's our prime concern and we will continue to monitor the situation so that our rights are fulfilled under the 20-point Agreement signed during the formation of Malaysia more than 47 years ago.

"Borneonisation of public services in Sabah should be fulfilled as quickly as possible as recommended in the Cobbold commission in 1962,” she said.

She was responding to a reply in Parliament by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Aziz to her question on the exact number and names of Sabahans who head the 78 federal agencies in Sabah.

Nazri had listed out the 34 individuals heading federal agencies as:
  1. Sabah Health Department: Health Director (JUSA C), Dr. Mohd Yusof B. Hj Ibrahim.
  2. Sabah State Syariah Judicial Department: State Syariah Court Chief Judge (Acting JUSA C), YAA. JASRI @ Nasip B. Matjakir.
  3. Sabah State Education Department: Director (JUSA C), Dr. Muhiddin Yusin.
  4. Sabah Human Resource Department: Director (JUSA C), Siti Aishah Bt. Mohd Asri.
  5. Treasury of Sabah Malaysia: Sabah Federal Financial Officer (Acting PTD JUSA C), Yusof B. Hj Sarangit.
  6. Treasury of Sabah Malaysia: Sabah Federal Financial Officer (Acting PTD JUSA C), Matusin B. Sunsang.
  7. Dept of Civil Aviation (DCA), Sabah: Director II (54), Mahmud B. Hj Amat Shah, (Regional).
  8. Dept of Minerals and Geoscience Malaysia, Sabah: Director (C54), Alexander Yan Sze Wah.
  9. Sabah State National Registration Department: Director (M54), Abd. Jaffear B. Henry.
  10. Sabah State Immigration Department: Director (Acting PTD JUSA C), Mohhad B. Mentek.
  11. Department of Meteorology Sabah Branch: Director (C52), Abdul Malik B. Tussin.
  12. Postal Services Division, Sabah Branch: Chief Assistant Director (M52) Mohd Hekam B. Terimoh.
  13. Sabah State Anti-Drugs Agency: Director (M52) Bakri B. Bibi.
  14. Federal Department of Social Development (KEMAS) State of Sabah: Director (M52), Md. Marsidi B. Katong.
  15. Public Service Commission, Secretariat, Sabah Branch: Division Secretary (M52), Musa B. Sulaiman.
  16. Education Service Commission, Secretariat, Sabah Branch: Chief Administrative Officer (M52), Siti Saleha Habib Yussof.
  17. Sabah Special Affairs Department: Director (S52), Lajumardin @ Abdul Manaf B. Lakariba.
  18. Training Centre for Excellence in Cooperatives (PULAKOP): Director (E48), Kastian B. Hj. Dula.
  19. Pesticides Control Division, Federal Agriculture Department of Malaysia: Assistant Director (G48), Salmah Bt. Labulla.
  20. Sabah Legal Aid Bureau: Director (L48), Junariah Bt. Datu Derin.
  21. Sabah Commercial Vehicle Registration Board: Director (M48), Yozimah @ Ziemah Bt Jasni.
  22. Ministry of Defence, Sabah Branch: Director (M48), Johar B. Julasbi.
  23. Citizen Volunteers Federation (RELA) Malaysia: Director (M48), Samasuddin B. Lawe.
  24. Federal Department of Land and Mines: Director (M48), Humfrey J. Suimin.
  25. Sabah State Complaints Bureau: Director (M48), Georgie Abas.
  26. Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Sabah: Director (M41), Azman Poji.
  27. National Institute of Skill Training for Youth (IKBN), Kinarut: Director (S48), Mohd Dahali B. Hj Matsin.
  28. Department of Workers Union Affairs: Director of Sabah Workers’ Union (S44), Rahman B. Mintek.
  29. Contractor Services Centre (PKK): Head of Branch (J41), Amisah Bt Zakariah.
  30. Sabah Road Safety Department: Director (M41), Herdianasah B. Abdul Karim.
  31. Tourism Ministry Malaysia Office, Sabah: Director (Grade 48), Nely Nasir. Civil Defence Department, Sabah: Director (KP41), Ag. Askandar B. Ampuan Yaacut.
  32. Rice Control Unit, Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-based Industries Malaysia: Head of Branch (N32), Mohd Amin B. AW. Jalleh.
  33. Sabah Veterinary ATM Affairs Department: Director (Z22), Mejar Mat Jiamin B. Maddalasi.
  34. Ministry of Rural and Regional Development: Director (M54), Shamsul B. Dollah.


  1. Wow! Eventhough after 47 years of Sabah independent, the percentage of Sabahan to head the government department not even 50%?

    This is a direct to insult to all the Sabahans where indicated that most of the Sabahans are not qualify = STUPID DUMB DUMB .

    Wake up Sabahan!

  2. Good old song in memory....
    苏武留胡节不辱,雪地又冰天,苦忍十九年..心存汉社稷,旄落犹未还/历尽难中难,心如铁石坚 夜坐塞上时听笳声入耳心恸酸...

    We are responsible to safeguard the future generation against change of history!


  3. Sing along and we remember.....many can understand it.

  4. Mat Janggut, Kudat SabahDecember 4, 2010 at 10:14 AM

    Tidak hairan...sebab perubahan ini berlaku baru dua tahun lalu selepas Tun Abdullah diganti Najib. Waaahhh! kita 47 tahun membentuk Malaysia baru dapat jawatan begitu? Nyatalah KL betul2 menekan kita rakyat Sabah...kena hentak2 baru KL buat apa yang kita mahu. Sekarang pecah sudah tembelang dorang tentang ketidak adilan KL terhadap hak autonomi Sabah sepertimana dlm 20 Perkara.

  5. PTI Sabah banyak pon dah ado mykad apo ni cucu Ah Loi tak do dapat...soohai ponya karajaan...hahaha!


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